About Exhibition

29 October 2023 - 12 November 2023

Art Pantheon Gallery is pleased to welcome you to Evolving Lines of Our Time, an exhibition of drawings, paintings and pastel works. Each work builds onto the layers of the one before and after it, so that working off each other, they create an unforgettable ambience of colours, complexities and beauty—like a constellation.

In the works, one can see in full display the sheer facility for draughtsmanship, the depth of feeling, and the worthiness of concerns. There's also something else, something I'll like to call the joy of line. In line after beautiful line, the passion of the artists is apparent. Each stroke is alive with the artist's own delight in the very act of creation.

Evolving Lines of Our Time seeks to illuminate the intimate moments of our lives. It doesn't merely go around, nor does it just go through. It goes around and through, touching on the very aspects of life that chime close to our hearts, the aspects we turn to with the greatest earnestness when we seek to know who we are and who we are becoming.

The 9 artists in this exhibition—Duke Asidere, Abiodun Olaku, Adeyinka Akingbade, Edosa Oguigo, Yemi Fagbohungbe, Fola David, Tosin Toromade, Olumide Oresegun, and Laju Sholola—light the way. Each of their works with sureness of gesture, with softness, with intimacy, with fluidness, makes a space for beauty and the private and complex expressions of our humanity. In this constellation, the lights are truly and variously illuminating.

Tosin Toromade

Tosin Tòròmade was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and began drawing at a young age, delighting anyone who came into contact with his creative talents. His love in art led him to seek a degree in Fine and Applied Arts. He received his bachelor's degree with honors from Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
He is a seasoned professional artist, a multidimensional art guru, and a teacher who has chosen to express himself using new media such as photography, digital art, and most recently filmmaking, rather than traditional painting and drawing approaches.

He joined the Tender Arts Foundation as an Arts in Medicine fellow in 2019. His art therapy expertise and experience have also aided him in contributing to the therapeutic wellbeing of patients in a number of Nigerian public and private institutions. He has carved a space for himself as a portrait and figurative artist with numerous successful group art exhibits and a solo exhibition. Through a blend of symbolism, texture, and iconography, he aims to represent the shape, mind, mood, and expression of humanity, as well as the problems that come with existence and survival in Africa.

He is now researching visual art as a means of inspiration for everyone.
Tòrò, as he is affectionately known, is continuously seeking for new ways to capture events and make art through constant investigation of alternative creative materials such as charcoal and coffee. Passionate art enthusiasts, collectors, and galleries have taken up residence in his works. Tosin Toromade is based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, where he also works on his art.

• 2019 - A Piece of my mind - Solo Exhibition, Nigeria 
• 2020 - Future Generations Group Exhibition
• 2022- Me & Him Exhibition, Nigeria
• 2022- Art X Art Fair, Nigeria

Olayemi Fagbohungbe

Olayemi Fagbohungbe is an artist and architect. He was born and raised in Zaria, Nigeria, where he also trained as an architect, obtaining his bachelor's at Ahmadu Bello University. He then moved on to obtain his master's, still in architecture, from the University of Lagos. His academic ambitions bear testimony to his drive and spirit: one could always reach higher, far past mediocrity. He believes that the boundary of what is achievable can be pushed and should be pushed. "I look at many of the great buildings and architectural designs in Ahmadu Bello University, for example, and they're all by foreigners, Europeans mostly. It makes me wonder: where are our own great architects?" The thought may seem a little uncharitable, but the sentiment is genuine. The firmament of artists making great work here could do with several more brilliant stars.

This spirit is what animates his exhibition Blaque: the desire to inspire a renewed belief in the potential of the black race. Blaque, through patient artistry, brings to the fore works that deconstructs deeply entrenched stereotypes and inferiority complexes: black as second fiddle, black as the “dark,” black as stuck in the past. This deconstruction is careful not to be reactive. Rather it is celebratory, moving away from mere rebuttals to reductive narratives to tell the larger story of African ascendancy and agency. Working as an artist and architect, Fagbohungbe straddles two closely related fields with key points of overlap and departure. Each practice influences the other, and both find expression in each of his pieces. He is deliberate about ensuring that they do. "I went deep into art to broaden my imagination," he said, "so whenever I design something it's just there—that creativity, that depth of imagination."

The conversation moved onto his work process and sources of inspiration, and he said: "Every piece I design, every artwork I create, begins with a narrative. If there is no narrative, the work cannot be made. There has to be a story." As he explains, it becomes clear that story and narrative are as important as the material out of which his sculptures are made or the digital tools with which he creates his designs, if not more so.

Duke Asidere

Duke Asidere is a painter whose work has been shown to several audiences in and outside Nigeria. He was born in 1961 to a father who was a sailor and a mother who was a full-time trader. As a youngster his father was often gone, leaving his mother to care for him even while she continued with her business. The time he spent at home alone with his mother would in the future, form both inspiration and fulcrum for his art. The seeds for being an artist were planted in Duke Asidere’s mind when he was a child. Duke had a culture of drawing at home and school. He said in an interview that everyone was drawing superheroes and there was a studio at school. Duke took his rudimentary interest and went on to study at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria and graduated in 1988 at the top of his class. He returned to study for a Master of Fine Arts in Painting under the tutelage of Gani Odutokun and Prof Jerry Buhari.

After his studies, Asidere joined the art department at Federal Polytechnic, Auchi. He joined the school’s art department in 1990. Along with Ben Osaghae and Sam Ovraiti, Asidere would play a major role in putting Auchi firmly on the Nigerian art map. The Auchi artists worked together and influenced each other. The result of this osmosis was a group that gloried colour. For them, colour subjugated form, structure – everything else. It was to be enjoyed and celebrated.

In 1995, Asidere moved to Lagos to set up his art studio. In his art, he explored the streets of Lagos – its energy and chaos. He explored the state of society – the insanity of politics, the decrepit infrastructure and the subtle degradation of society. He also explored, as he always had, the strength and bravery of the women around him, a constant homage to the mother.

He did a brief stint at the Delta State Polytechnic Art Department, Ughelli. The Art School was new and needed qualified lecturers to guide it through its infancy. He agreed to spend some time there and taught art between 2003 and 2005.
Although Asidere is a painter, he expresses his love for colour through various means. His works can be found in oil on canvas; he also uses graphite on pastels, crayons, engraving and some others. He also incorporates raw materials like newspaper clippings in his work. Notable in Asidere’s work is his preoccupation with the female form. Asidere thanks to his mother and a home full of women formed his preponderance with the feminine form. For this artist, the woman represents sheer strength and grit; it is no matter therefore that he makes the feminine form carry the weight of the message in his art.

Asidere’s work takes on big themes. His work writes Prisca Sam Duru in the Vanguard Newspaper covers, “topical issues in society with strong global appeal”. For example, Asidere’s work, One Man, One Generator contains specs of light on a dark canvas and is a searing commentary on the epileptic position and behaviour of electricity in Nigeria. That work summarises the criticism thrown at Nigeria's electricity and energy situation for many lightless years. Asidere has also said by himself that his work is a response to his environment; indeed he tries to capture the essence of things and people.

Abiodun Olaku

Abiodun Olaku’s talent can be traced back to his early days in Baptist Academy, Lagos, between 1970 and 1975. He rode on the back of the school’s tradition which encouraged art and craft through a sustained retinue of qualified, committed and motivating teachers in that segment of the educational curriculum. This, undoubtedly, left an indelible impression on his psyche. It was therefore without any hesitation that he grabbed the opportunity to study art at the next level of his educational pursuits. Described by his former lecturer, mentor and inspiration, world-renowned Nigerian Grand-master artist, late Professor Yusuf Grillo, as “Primus inter pares”, ABIODUN OLAKU has slowly but steadily transformed, through a 42-year artistic sojourn, into a master artist in his own right. Indeed, he has become an irresistible premium brand in the African art market and milieu, with an ever-growing frenzied following.

The solid foundation for this remarkably glorious, creative odyssey was laid in Nigeria’s foremost art institution, Yaba College of Technology, between 1976 and 1981, where Olaku had a comprehensive orientation for his professional life under the watchful guidance of competent and committed lecturers and instructors ably led by living legend, Yussuf Grillo and his lieutenants, namely, late (Soviet-trained sculptor) Isiaka Osunde and iconic Master Kolade Oshinowo. This period primed him thoroughly for overall ability and competence as a painter in focused pursuit of a timeless legacy.

An almost 7-year stint in the civil service between 1982 and 1989, after his NYSC experience, neither hindered nor slowed down his vision of establishing himself as a painter of renown, with a determination to carve an enviable niche for himself in the annals of art history, but only fuelled the dream, because it was a fateful time when he encountered the ‘National Collection’ of the Gallery of Modern Art, where he had temporary experience in public administration under his late boss, Master Painter Shina Yussuff.

An indigene of Ogun State, Nigeria, who was born on December 29, 1958, works and lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his family, Abiodun Olaku is a respected member of the Society of Nigeria Artists (SNA); a founding member, inaugural vice-president and trustee of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria (GFA); and one of the founders and trustee of Universal Studios of Art, National Theatre, Lagos. He continues to train, mentor and inspire younger generations of Nigerian Artists, and also consults widely on professional art matters, among other activities.

Edosa Ogiugo

Edosa Ogiugo is a Nigerian contemporary artist with stories to tell. Born into an artistic family, Edosa drew on any surface he could find as a child, and continued to grow into his purpose as a fine artist. His artistic accomplishments span education, advertising, and TV
production; including roles as a secondary school art teacher, illustrator, creative director, lecturer, mentor, and community advocate. Edosa holds a Higher National Diploma in Fine Arts and Painting, and National Diploma in General Arts from Yaba College of Technology.

He’s been a full-time studio artist since 1992 and owns practicing studios in Port Harcourt and Lagos, Nigeria. Throughout Edosa’s 35+ year career, he’s participated in various group exhibitions, a solo show (1995, First Step), residency (London Fine Art Studio, Lavender Hill), and has numerous commissioned works housed in public, private and corporate collections across the globe.

Edosa is captivated by the free spirit and refined nature of movement. His subjects often center around women dancers of various Nigerian tribes, and horses. He likens these themes to Edgar Degas’ paintings of ballerinas and Claude Monet’s water lilies; noting how the subjects comprised much of their work.

A long-time arts community and education champion, Edosa was the Inaugural President of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists (Nigeria) from 2008-2012, and is a current member of the Fine Art Trade Guild (UK) and the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA). He actively mentors young Nigerian artists citing “it’s the only way to multiply values, give back organically, and yield your talents in ways not imagined!”

picture of adeyinka akingbade

Adeyinka Akingbade

Adeyinka Akingbade (born 1981) is an award-winning painter, photographer, and graphic designer who graduated in Fine Arts from the Yaba College of Technology in 2008, specializing in Painting. That same year, Akingbade's eclectic and versatile style drew the attention of the African Artists' Foundation's Unbreakable Nigerian Spirit Art Competition in which he emerged as one of the finalists.

In 2010 he was selected to take part in the month long CCA Lagos artist residency program, Independence and the Ambivalence of Promise,
and the following year he won first prize at the Lagos Black Heritage Festival's Walls of Prison into Fields of Freedom Art Competition. Akingbade's experimental photography and mixed media works were featured in the German magazine BORRIOLAH-GHA and in 2014 he exhibited at the 25th Annual Festival of the Arts in Chicago, USA.

In 2016, Akingbade was invited on a 6 week artist residency in Sweden that included a conference on Contemporary Art at Orebro Art College led by Peter Ekstron, Rector of Orebro Art College. Akingbade also participated in a Train the Trainers Art Workshop in Orebro Graphic Studio led by Norman Sanden and a group exhibition at the Gallery Astley in Uthesberg. Many of his works are in good collector's collections in Nigeria and abroad.

In 2019, he participated in the ArtX , Lagos . He has participated in several Art shows both home and abroad. As a food photographer and designer, he has also worked with several advertising agencies and International Culinary Chefs.  While working as a studio artist on weekends, Akingbade runs a graphic design consultancy, GNO Studios, and his clients include DDB, Association of Issuing Houses of Nigeria, Proactive Media, Culinary Academy, Wimbiz, TruContact, W-Tech, and SMO Contemporary Art.

Fola David

Foladavid is a 30 year old visual artist working from Lagos, Nigeria. Interestingly he is also a medical doctor working in the field of dermatology, this has greatly inspired his art and his personal interaction with humanity and all their varied aspects, Fola David’s choice subjects are those with imperfections, According to him, “imperfections and peculiarities make the world more fascinating!”

Working with Charcoal on Paper, he uses the interplay of light, shape and form to give his drawings a strong physical presence. That presence is enhanced by his skill at rendering lifelike figures and his sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale. Foladavid cherishes his connection with nature through his work on natural skin changes and adaptation. His work has also been influenced by relationships with his patients in the hospital and he sometimes works with them as his subjects telling their stories through his work.

Foladavid is widely regarded as Nigeria’s foremost Speedpainter for his painting performances around the world. He is also a humanitarian and he was bestowed a “Doctor of Fine Arts Degree honoris causa” in 2023.

Laju Sholola

Laju Sholola (born, Nigeria) is a visual artist working in painting and drawing. Her work explores the complexities of personal journeys towards self-actualization which encourages viewers to embrace and celebrate these transformative paths on a broader scale. Emphasising simplicity and meditative introspection, she uses an unorthodox medium - black tea combined with other drawing materials, infusing her creations with a sense of tranquillity and reflective contemplation.

Laju’s artwork has been featured in exhibitions and galleries in the United States and Nigeria including Art X Lagos; Soto Gallery, Nigeria; Mitochondria Gallery, Houston, USA; Wunika Mukan Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria; Rele Gallery, Nigeria.

Olumide Oresegun

Olumide Oresegun is nationally recognized as one of Africa’s top contemporary painters today .A successful hyperrealist artist in art scene for thirteen years. Oresegun earliest supporter was his mother who bought sketch pad for him at four years of age . At the age of 19, he began his serious art training in the school of art design and printing, Yaba college of technology, under some art lecturer from the likes of Peter Coker, kolade oshinowo, professor Tolu Filani, Oresegun learned to make composition of figures to make an imaginary scene comes to life  Yaba school used traditional method to tell African story. Great draftmanship is the root of all great art. That’s is how this lecturers were trained and they trained art student. Other major influences in Olumide’s work include Abiodun olaku, Romanus Isichie, William-adolphe Bouguereau. Oresegun graduated with distinction in painting at yaba college of technology after which some art dealer strike a deal with him to produce markets scene concept, Olumide thrived under the challenges but was looking forward to the time of his participating in group exhibition.

After graduation, Olumide soon became known nationally through his exquisite oil painting that showcase his well honed drawing ability and his skilled control over values, edges and light and shade. He his able to draw upon his years of individual practice to create masterful compositions with multiple figures seen in market square and as well as single figure settings. He captures the atmosphere and mood of everyday people including children of the environment and his attention to the childhood story which comes as the desire to portray the truth and beauty of Africa’s spirit. His painting have a deep sense of history to them due to the research and method of getting real information.

Olumide has had his works auctioned at Sotheby's and ArtHouse Contemporary lagos. His works are also in Shyllon museum lagos. He has also exhibited at  several institutions in the United Kingdom and previously featured in the Spectrum Miami 2022 art fair.